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Our Services

Service 1
Hot Applied Thermoplastic

Thermoplastics are polymers that can be softened through heating before being processed and then left to cool and harden. Once cooled, they show no changes in chemical properties, meaning they can be re-melted and re-used several times.

Service 2
Cold Applied Road Marking

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Cold Plastic is a two-component road marking paint. It is ideal for high wear locations such as roundabouts, junctions, and heavily trafficked roads due to its high durability.

Service 3
Overhead Gantry Sign Board

A gantry (also known as a sign holder, road sign holder, sign structure or road sign structure) is a traffic sign assembly in which signs are mounted or railway signals are supported on an overhead support. They also often contain the apparatus for traffic monitoring systems and cameras, or open road tolling systems.

Service 4
Retro Reflective Sign Board

Retroreflective sheeting is flexible retroreflective material primarily used to increase the nighttime conspicuity of traffic signs, high-visibility clothing, and other items so they are safely and effectively visible in the light of an approaching driver's headlamps.

Service 5
Reflective Sheetings

Reflective Sheeting makes traffic signs more visible with a thin flexible retroreflective material that increases both daytime visibility and nighttime brightness of signs.

Service 6
Road Stud /Cats Eye/ RPM

The original Cats Eyes are white studs that separate lanes or the middle of the road. Red studs warn motorists that they are close to the left edge of the road. Amber studs warn drivers of the central reservation of a dual carriageway or motorway.

Service 7
Water Proofing

Waterproofing is a process designed to prevent liquids from entering a structure. Comprehensive waterproofing measures are often added to the building to provide moisture control during construction, and waterproofing materials are applied after the structure is built to eliminate any problems that may be encountered.

Service 8

Signage is the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message.

Service 9
Pedstrian Graphic Display Signals Lamps

Many street crossings have pedestrian signals that show the words WALK and DON'T WALK or show a WALKING PERSON in white and a RAISED HAND in orange. Pedestrian signals direct pedestrians while crossing the street. The WALK or WALKING PERSON appears when it is legal to start crossing.

Service 10
Solar Road Stud/ Solar Cats Eye

They are also known as Solar Cat Eye or Solar Markers. Solar Studs are installed on the Road bases to show the road bending during night time to avoid accidents in the darkness.

Service 11
Crash Barrier

A crash barrier is a strong low fence built along the side of a road or between the two halves of a motorway in order to prevent accidents.

Service 12

To delineate is to mark the position of a border or boundary: a “delineator” is something that indicates that boundary. In North America, the term almost always means a plastic post, wrapped with reflective tape, used to mark a traffic lane. These road markers are also sometimes called flexible channelizers.

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